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Premium IP Network

100% Native IPv6 Support

In order to ensure a smooth transition into the next technological stage of the World Wide Web, Hostground has become a 100% IPv6 provider throughout our entire network. By simultaneously supporting both the flexibility of the new IPv6 protocol and the existing IPv4 protocol, our network is designed with the future needs of our customers in mind.

Data Center Facilities

Comprehensive SLA's
Comprehensive Service-Level Agreements

100% Network Uptime

Through load balanced and redundant network design, guarantees that our network will be available at all times between any two endpoints within our network. Our comprehensive SLA stands behind our infrastructure with a 100% Network Uptime guarantee.

0% Packetloss Guarantee networking environment implements advanced monitoring and re-routing technology to guarantee that no portion of the Hostground network will introduce any packet loss between any two endpoints within the entire network.

100% Power and HVAC Availability

Our facilities implement multiple tiers of power redundancy to ensure your hardware is operating in an optimal environment at all times. As a result, includes a service-level agreement in your contract that you will not experience a power outage event within your contract.

Hardware Replacement Guarantee

Should any component of your servers fail, we will replace the parts in our highest priority support queue. Our facilities store backup inventory of our dedicated servers and with 24/7/365 staffing of all our locations, we stand by to make sure you do not experience downtime longer than 90 minutes.

We Support and Offer manny services

We offer the latest server software and keep your system automatically updated.
Also, do you have access to 300+ fully up to date scripts ready to be installed.

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Money-back guarantee

Up to 3 months after purchase

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Free transfer service

We transfer your website for you

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Free 24/7 helpdesk

Our specialists are available 24/7